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     February 13, 2012

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This Means War is like plummeting to your death but pushing that thought out of your head and trying to enjoy the free fall.  You know it’s going to end badly, you shouldn’t be enjoying this, but there’s a silver …

7 Clips from Universal’s HOP

     March 19, 2011

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Universal Pictures has released seven clips from director Tim Hill’s (Alvin and the Chipmunks) CG/live-action family film, Hop.  The film, which comes from Illumination Entertainment (the same company that made Despicable Me), stars James Marsden (Enchanted) as a slacker who …

New Trailer and Images for HOP

     February 9, 2011

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Universal has released a full-length trailer for their upcoming live-action/CGI family comedy Hop.  The film features Russell Brand as the voice of the Easter Bunny scion who doesn’t want the gig of delivering candy to people.  Also, he shits jelly …