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CURSE OF CHUCKY Blu-ray Review

     November 5, 2013

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This year marks Child’s Play’s 25th anniversary and the franchise’s newest installment, Curse of Chucky.  Don Mancini, creator of Chucky’s lore, was on board to write and direct this feature, which was the series’ first direct-to-video film.  It’s unfortunate that Curse …


     November 2, 2013

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It’s been 25 years since Chucky came to life in the original Child’s Play, and he’s never looked better.  Now, in Chucky: The Complete Collection, fans can watch Chucky’s transformation over all six films in the franchise, including the recently …

First Clip from CURSE OF CHUCKY is … Appetizing

     September 5, 2013

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Though it’s not the longest-running horror series out there by a long shot, the Child’s Play franchise does boast consistent writer/co-writer Don Mancini.  The newest installment of the series that’s become known by the name of its leading man doll, …

First Trailer for CURSE OF CHUCKY

     July 8, 2013

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The first trailer for the direct-to-DVD sequel Curse of Chucky has been released online and, spoiler alert, the doll is still creepy as hell.  Director Don Mancini – who has written every single Child’s Play film and directed 2004’s Seed of Chucky – takes the helm as Chucky …