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Fantastic Fest 2010: TRUE LEGEND Review

     October 5, 2010

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Yuen Woo-Ping knows how to choreograph a fight, but the challenges of directing a compelling movie aren’t quite as easy to overcome. While he has a long history of telling the Drunken Fist story, this is the first dramatic telling …

DEATH RACE 2000 DVD Review

     July 2, 2010

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Death Race 2000 is the real deal. A truly epic piece of Roger Corman produced madness, full of blood, guts, ridiculous character names, car crashes, and of course those wonderful, pre-plastic surgery era gratuitous nipple shots.* But what makes Death …

David Carradine Dead; Found Hanged in Bangkok

     June 4, 2009

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According to various reports, actor David Carradine has committed suicide by hanging himself in a hotel room in Bangkok while working on his latest film, “Stretch”.  He was 72. Best known for his leading role as “Kwai Chang Caine”, a …