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Producer Denise Ream Talks CARS 2

     November 7, 2011

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Judging by the comments on the previous Cars 2 DVD/Blu-ray coverage, the film seems rather divisive with a lot of you – most bemoaning its failure to live up to previous heights of Pixar yore. I’m not sure the comparisons …

Collider Visits Pixar for the CARS 2 Press Day

     June 12, 2011

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A couple of months ago, Collider was invited to travel out to Emeryville, California to Pixar Animation Studios in order to take part in the Cars 2 press day. As one would expect, it was a pretty fantastic experience. We …

Producer Denise Ream CARS 2 Interview

     April 24, 2011

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Recently, I got the chance to visit Pixar in anticipation of their upcoming summer release Cars 2. As part of the press day, I sat down for interviews with Pixar staples like John Lassetter and composer Michael Giacchino, the stars …