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     April 19, 2012

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Films with time-traveling bears tend to defy easy description.  So do movies where a teenager has alien fly mutant blood and was forced to wear a TV set on his hand as a child.  It’s also tough to describe a …

Exclusive Poster for Joseph Kahn’s DETENTION

     March 8, 2011

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You probably best known director Joseph Kahn as the man behind the delightfully terrible Torque, a movie even Kahn mocks in his new picture Detention.  The trailer for Detention is bizarre enough to make the film worth a look as …

Trailer for DETENTION Starring Josh Hutcherson and Dane Cook

     March 2, 2011

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A trailer has gone online for Joseph Kahn’s bizarre-looking new film Detention.  While the trailer cracks a joke at the expense of Kahn’s previous film, Torque, it’s an odd mish-mash that recalls gooey high-school comedies, Scream, and The Breakfast Club.  …