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Official Synopsis for THOR: THE DARK WORLD Revealed

     October 12, 2012

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Though Phase One of Marvel Studios’ film slate came to an end just a few months ago with The Avengers, production on Phase Two is already well underway.  The studio is currently in the midst of filming two upcoming sequels …

THOR 2 Rewrite Handled by Robert Rodat

     January 10, 2012

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Lately, Thor 2’s production has been in flux due to the original director Patty Jenkins leaving citing “creative differences” and new director Alan Taylor having to wait for a new writer to rework Don Payne’s original script. It looks as …

Guy Ritchie Sets His Sights on a PG-13 LOBO

     September 2, 2009

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With all the hubbub surrounding the Marvel and Disney deal, it’s easy to forget the deft moves Warner Brothers have been making with DC’s comics properties. After the unprecedented success the company had with Chris Nolan’s films “Batman Begins” and …