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2009: A Look Back

     December 30, 2009

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2009 was another big year for movies thanks to, in varying degrees, the recession, 3D ticket prices and Taylor Lautner’s abs. For funsies we have compiled a fairly trivial movie calendar for the year that was. Here you will find …

DRAG ME TO HELL Blu-ray Review

     October 12, 2009

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Sam Raimi is a sadist. He has to be. Maybe he doesn’t have a whip collection at home, maybe he doesn’t have his own dungeon room, maybe he’s a pacifist in real life. When he gets behind the camera, he …


     May 28, 2009

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“Drag Me to Hell” is a film that only Sam Raimi could make.  After spending almost a decade devoted to “Spider-Man”, Raimi has finally come home to his singular brand of horror/comedy that manages scares and laughs through B-movie schlock …