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SILICON VALLEY Recap: “The Lady”

     May 4, 2015


"There was a medical situation preventing me from crushing it to my usual standards, so had to take some time off until I was able to crush it at 100%, at which point I resumed crushing it full time."

HOMELAND Recap: “Iron in the Fire”

     October 19, 2014


In “Iron in the Fire,” Homeland expanded on the conspiracy surrounding Sandy Bachman’s death, and brought it all back to Homeland‘s central theme of trust.  As Carrie builds her team in Islamabad, she also wrestles with the CIA operatives already in place there; …

SCANDAL Recap: “Like Father, Like Daughter”

     October 17, 2014


Important question for Scandal watchers: is there anyone who still wants Fitz and Olivia together, besides Fitz?  We know it’s all he has left, as he has failed “as a father, as a husband, and as a man” (in his words — …