FLIPPED Blu-ray Review

     December 14, 2010

Rob Reiner gave an interview on CBS Sunday Morning News prior to the theatrical release of his latest film Flipped in which he candidly admitted to host Charles Osgood: “I basically tell the same love story over and over. The …

First Poster for Rob Reiner’s FLIPPED

     June 22, 2010

The trailer for Flipped, the latest from director Rob Reiner, debuted earlier this month and charmed many (including this writer) into hoping it represented a return to form for the Stand by Me director.  The picturesque poster features the core …

Trailer for Rob Reiner’s FLIPPED

     June 4, 2010

Does Rob Reiner have another good movie in him?  Reiner directed some of the classic films of the 80s including This Is Spinal Tap, Stand By Me, The Princess Bride. He was doing pretty well half-way through the 90s with …