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     February 7, 2013

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The most remarkable thing about Identity Thief is how a movie this dumb could keep insulting its audience’s intelligence.  Aside from being a comedy with no laughs, screenwriter Craig Mazin rests almost his entire plot on coincidences, and one-dimensional characters.  …

New Trailer for THE LAST STAND Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger

     November 7, 2012

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A new full-length trailer for director Kim Jee-Woon‘s actioner The Last Stand has been released.  The film stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as the old sheriff of a sleepy border town who’s called to action when a drug kingpin flees an FBI prisoner convoy, and tries …

MAN ON A LEDGE Blu-ray Review

     September 6, 2012

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Ex-cop Nick Cassidy gambles with his life in order to prove his innocence in Man on a Ledge, an action mind bender from director Asger Leth. Though it stars a fairly good ensemble and flirts with a daring concept, the …