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Amanda Seyfried Talks GONE and LES MISERABLES

     February 21, 2012

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In the curtly titled Gone, Amanda Seyfried stars as Jill, a pill-popping, suicidal chronic liar whose sister may or may not have been kidnapped by the same mystery-man that abducted Seyfried (or did he?) two years prior. The lack of …

3 Movie Clips from GONE Starring Amanda Seyfried

     February 10, 2012

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We’ve been provided with three clips from the thriller Gone.  Amanda Seyfried stars as a young woman who suspects that her missing sister has been abducted by the same serial killer who kidnapped her two years prior.  She sets out …

Wes Bentley Interview THERE BE DRAGONS

     May 4, 2011

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The drama There Be Dragons is an epic tale of revolutionaries and saints in a time of Civil War. It is a heartbreaking story about the power of forgiveness and overcoming your past, which is something that actor Wes Bentley …