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GRACEPOINT Finale: “Episode Ten”

     December 11, 2014


At last, the killer was revealed.  Was it a shock to you?  Now, Gracepoint can come to an end as well.  It was a ratings disaster, and an unnecessary remake (particularly since so much was so similar to Broadchurch, except far less affecting), …

GRACEPOINT Recap: “Episode Nine”

     December 5, 2014


In Gracepoint‘s penultimate episode, the show answered a few season-long questions (though not, in all likelihood, its central one).  Time is running out for the series, in parallel to that of Emmett Carver, whose health issues have put a very short …

GRACEPOINT Recap: “Episode Eight”

     November 20, 2014


Hmmm.  In my enthusiasm over “Episode Seven’s” big departure from Broadchurch, I might have overestimated Gracepoint‘s decision to really strike out on its own.  “Episode Eight” was more or less a kind of reset, and the kind that made “Episode …

GRACEPOINT Recap: “Episode Seven”

     November 13, 2014


For fans of Broadchurch, Gracepoint‘s “Episode Seven” is when this show completely distinguished itself as a separate crime story.  There have been clues in these later episodes that suggested the two would have different outcomes, but “Episode Seven” made it …

GRACEPOINT Recap: “Episode Six”

     November 6, 2014


In “Episode Six,” Gracepoint took a specific look at the how the fallout from Danny’s death has become a kind of mob rule, fueled by those only looking to profit from the tragedy.  It has also managed to finally make …

GRACEPOINT Recap: “Episode Five”

     October 30, 2014


According to the ratings, I’m not the only one who has been finding Gracepoint a bit of a slog.  Though its British forebear, Broadchurch, already has a second season in the works, that future looks unlikely for Gracepoint.  But Fox will probably air the …

GRACEPOINT Recap: “Episode Four”

     October 23, 2014


In its fourth episode, Gracepoint is finally starting to address the cracks that are forming in the community in the wake of Danny Solano’s death.  Though there are still plenty of new clues and twists (and many red herrings), “Episode Four” also …

GRACEPOINT Recap: “Episode Three”

     October 16, 2014


Though the way Gracepoint is set up to tell its murder mystery (through the course of one season instead of a new crime each week) is a refreshingly different turn for network dramas, there’s something about it that just doesn’t feel like …

GRACEPOINT Recap: “Episode Two”

     October 9, 2014


With ten episodes to tell its crime story — something some series do weekly, in an hour — one might think Gracepoint would take its time when it comes to plot or pacing.  Instead, the investigation surrounding Danny Solano’s murder flows forth …

GRACEPOINT Series Premiere Recap: “Episode One”

     October 2, 2014


There is no better opening for Fox’s Gracepoint than the long tracking shot at the beginning where Mark Solano (Michael Peña) walks through Gracepoint (a coastal, California town), chatting with neighbors, and running into almost every major character in the story ahead.  …