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Adam Lambert Exclusive Video Interview 2012

     November 10, 2009

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Opening this Friday is director Roland Emmerich’s 2012.  As most of you have seen in commercials and trailers, 2012 is about a global cataclysm that causes massive destruction to our planet.  If you’re keeping count, this is Emmerich’s third time …

GUITAR HERO 5 Nintendo Wii Review

     October 3, 2009

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Naturally, in all the wonder that is Beatles Rock Band, Guitar Hero 5 sort of slipped on by, looking like more of the same from the GH camp while the masses delighted in the most epic band to ever write …


     July 30, 2009

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It all boils down to the systems you’ve got, and what you want out of your favorite songs. Those who have a large pile of Guitar Hero games won’t find much new here, while those with newer systems (like the …