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42 Review

     April 11, 2013

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Football may currently be the most popular sport in America, but baseball will always be “America’s Pastime”.  It was our first widely popular sport, and it contained both the best of our abilities and the worst of our perceptions.  Segregation …

Trailer for Miranda July’s THE FUTURE

     May 9, 2011

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The trailer for Miranda July’s The Future has gone online.  As I said in my review when I caught the film at Sundance, it’s a strange movie and that’s a large part of its charm.  The trailer does a good …

Sundance 2011: THE FUTURE Review

     January 28, 2011

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Miranda July’s The Future, the follow-up to her successful 2005 film Me and You and Everyone We Know, may seem obnoxiously strange if you were to take some of its outlandish plot points out of context.  The story features time-stopping, …