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HOMELAND Recap: “Big Man In Tehran”

     December 8, 2013

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What made Homeland so engaging in its first season was the question of whether Brody was really a traitor or not.  There were atrocities committed by both sides, but whether he could be brainwashed against his own country — and …

HOMELAND Recap: “Good Night”

     December 1, 2013

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The big question left after Brody’s return last week on Homeland was how the show would reintegrate him back into the fold.  For most of this season, Homeland has done just fine without him — thrived, even.  His return confirmed …

HOMELAND Recap: “One Last Time”

     November 24, 2013

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Homeland went from being more of a spy thriller in the last few weeks to two thirds of a weird romance miniseries in “One Last Time.”  Not that it literally went beyond its hour-long design, but it bizarrely jumped in …

HOMELAND Recap: “A Red Wheelbarrow”

     November 17, 2013

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Last week, Homeland made it easy to separate the spy thriller from the soap opera.  That distinction allowed pretty much everyone — myself chief among them — to say that the soap should be scrubbed.  While pre-natal visits may not …

HOMELAND Recap: “Gerontion”

     November 10, 2013

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Do you know what was special about Homeland this week?  There were no Brodys!  “Gerontion” was about spying — the good, bad and ugly of it.  Better yet, it used Saul as the lynchpin, with some nice moments from the …

HOMELAND Recap: “Still Positive”

     November 3, 2013

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Isn’t Homeland just so much better without Brody?  I’m sorry Damian Lewis, I like you a lot (too much, probably — ask me about my unhealthy devotion to his portrayal of Dick Winters some time).  We even support the same …

HOMELAND Recap: “The Yoga Play”

     October 27, 2013

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Whether you loved or hated Homeland‘s big twist last week, there were still plenty of questions about it that needed to be answered.  “The Yoga Play” let Peter Quinn addressed most of them in the first few minutes.  After that, …

HOMELAND Recap: “Game On”

     October 20, 2013

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Does anyone else feel a little bit like Dana?  As useless (so it seems so far) and uninteresting as Dana’s story generally is, she had one great moment in “Game On” when showing Leo the place where her father was …

HOMELAND Recap: “Tower of David”

     October 13, 2013

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To quote Collider’s own Adam Chitwood from a comment he once made to me: “The best thing about Homeland is, if you don’t like the direction it’s going, just wait two episodes and it’ll have a crazy turn!”  Case in …