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Infographic: Oscar Fashion Throughout the Years

     February 22, 2012

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Don’t lie: you mute the insipid Oscar red carpet banter and check out the dresses.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  The dresses are one of the finer points of the evening, and you get to see which actresses found the …

Infographic: DEXTER’S VICTIMS by Shahed Syed

     January 10, 2011

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America’s favorite serial killer Dexter Morgan has killed quite a few people over the past five seasons on his popular Showtime series.  Artist Shahed Syed has now broken down Dexter’s kill-count and shows us just how many little glass slides …

Timeline Infographic for INCEPTION

     July 27, 2010

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I wouldn’t say that Christopher Nolan’s Inception is necessarily a confusing movie as much as it’s one that demands your full attention.  But even then, visual aids are helpful.  New Jersey based 3D modeler “~dehahs” has drawn up a “timeline” …