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INDEPENDENCE DAY Sequel Undergoing Rewrite by Carter Blanchard

     May 28, 2014

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The upcoming Independence Day sequel is undergoing some script work before production begins.  Director Roland Emmerich and producer Dean Deviln penned the initial draft of the follow-up before turning over scripting duties in earnest to Emmerich’s White House Down scribe …

THE PROPOSAL Director Anne Fletcher to Helm MURDER MYSTERY

     September 24, 2013

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Bob and Harvey Weinstein’s newly minted TWC-Dimension label has snatched up another project.  The company will team up with Endgame to produce the action comedy Murder Mystery, with The Proposal director Anne Fletcher signing on to take the helm.  Written …

Warner Bros. Developing a Prequel to THE SHINING

     July 29, 2012

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Warner Bros. is reportedly “quietly exploring the possibility” of a prequel to The Shining.  A WB spokeswoman told the LA Times that the project is at a very early stage and not even formally in development.  But now that the report …

Roland Emmerich May Helm WHITE HOUSE DOWN

     April 2, 2012

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Last week, we reported that Sony had acquired the spec script White House Down from The Amazing Spider-Man scribe, James Vanderbilt.  Now it looks like doomsday director Roland Emmerich (Independence Day) is in talks to helm the studio’s $3 million …