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Diablo Cody to Attend SWEET VALLEY HIGH

     September 22, 2009

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I maintain that “Jennifer’s Body” wasn’t the fault of screenwriter Diablo Cody but rather a mismatch between Cody and director Karyn Kusama where it seemed like one wanted to make an ode-to-“Heathers” and the other wanted to make a straight …


     September 17, 2009

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Is “Jennifer’s Body” an allegory for a woman dealing with the aftermath of her rape?  Is it a metaphor for the perceived threat of female sexual power?  Is it about the dissolution of sisterhood as a result of turning attention …

Some Michael Bay Crew Members REALLY Dislike Megan Fox!

     September 13, 2009

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This is a good one.  While out promoting her new movie, “Jennifer’s Body”, Megan Fox let some unflattering comments about Michael Bay escape her perfectly-penciled lips. It was something about the “Transformers” director being “like Hitler” to work for.  How …