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SONS OF ANARCHY Recap: “Sovereign”

     September 11, 2012

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Well that certainly opened with a bang. There were many of us in the SAMCRO fandom who feared the series was beginning to lose some of its luster during its meandering third season spent partially in Ireland. But not all …

NBC Officially Cancels OUTLAW

     October 11, 2010

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After production was halted on NBC’s legal drama Outlaw last week, cancellation seemed imminent if the ratings didn’t improve significantly. Well the numbers came in, and the ratings were even lower than the previous week. Deadline reports NBC has officially …


     September 15, 2010

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For some reason, television and its viewers find the most fascinating stories within the lives of cops, lawyers and doctors. Police procedurals, medical dramas and legal dramas have been around forever, and every season we wait to see which ones …