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Paramount Picks Up Anna Faris Stalker Comedy

     April 15, 2011

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Paramount has picked up a comedy pitch from Anna Faris, centering on a troublesome roommate. The actress developed the pitch after recounting a real-life incident that happened to her. No plot details are known at this time, but THR reports …

Fredrik Bond to Direct Alien Invasion Film YEAR 12

     November 12, 2010

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Fredrik Bond has been tapped to direct the sci-fi action flick Year 12.  Produced by Joe Roth (Alice in Wonderland) off of a spec script from Edward Ricourt, Year 12 is set in Manhattan and begins a dozen years after …

ALICE IN WONDERLAND for Best Picture?!

     October 16, 2010

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Tim Burton’s down-the-rabbit-hole blockbuster Alice in Wonderland is set to receive a ginormous Oscar-push from Disney according to Deadline. While this may strike some as odd, considering the mixed-reviews the film received (it currently sits at 51% on RottenTomatoes), Wonderland …

Bruce Willis to Star in Drama TEN

     October 5, 2010

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Bruce Willis is poised to star in the upcoming drama Ten.  Probably.  To hear Deadline tell it, the ink on Willis’ contract is already dry, though a more cynical take at TheWrap deems his involvement “far from official.”  Though no …