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TIFF 2013: TRACKS Review

     September 13, 2013

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Tracks begins a quote from Robyn Davidson (played in the film adaptation by Mia Wasikowska) saying that most nomads feel at home everywhere, but she was a nomad because she felt at home nowhere.  There’s a romanticism and nobility in …

Edward Norton Exclusive Video Interview STONE

     October 6, 2010

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I’ll admit to being nervous when I actually got the opportunity to interview Edward Norton during Fantastic Fest.  Not because of giddy joy (there was some of that as I am a fan of his work), but because he can …

Fantastic Fest 2010: STONE Review

     September 30, 2010

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The relationship between a parole officer and an inmate is one with constant tension between what is and isn’t true. As John Curran’s Stone observes, how much truth is shared, if any, may never be known as the human drive …