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Patrick Duffy Talks DALLAS Then and Now

     June 26, 2012

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TNT’s return to Dallas has a whole new collection of salacious secrets, schemes and betrayals on the steamy nighttime soap.  This time, JR (Larry Hagman), Bobby (Patrick Duffy) and Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) are joined by the next generation of …

TNT Debuts First Look at New DALLAS Series

     July 12, 2011

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Last week we learned that TNT had finally given a greenlight to their new Dallas series that takes the classic family rivalry into a new generation. Now we finally have the first promo for the series after the cable network …

TNT Finally Greenlights a New DALLAS Series

     July 8, 2011

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After gestating for years, TNT has finally given a greenlight to an all-new series based on Dallas, one of the most iconic TV dramas of all-time. However, unlike recent series remakes like Charlie’s Angels and Hawaii Five-0, this series combines …