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SXSW 2013: KELLY + VICTOR Review

     March 12, 2013

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Love cannot conquer all.  I would like to believe it could.  I like movies where love can overcome misunderstandings, doubt, and various illnesses.  Kieran Evans‘ Kelly + Victor is an anti-love story.  It doesn’t argue that love is false or …

Teri Polo and Dermot Mulroney Look BEYOND

     December 16, 2010

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Teri Polo and Dermot Mulroney have signed on to star in the thriller Beyond.  Directed by Josef Rusnak (The 13th Floor), the film follows a detective and a television psychic as they attempt to find a missing child.  Polo and …

MY GENERATION Series Premiere Review

     September 22, 2010

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Following the rousing success of Modern Family’s debut last season, ABC originally slotted two new mockumentaries for this fall: Detroit 1-8-7 and My Generation.  Over the summer, 1-8-7 dropped the structure, which is not the one I would’ve picked if …