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FOR A GOOD TIME CALL… Blu-ray Review

     March 15, 2013

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Not so long ago, two girls at Florida State were roommates. One was a quiet, “Felicity” type, the other, a bold virgin who ran a phone sex line to cover college costs. A decade later, the quiet one (Lauren Miller) …

Lauren Miller Talks FOR A GOOD TIME, CALL

     August 30, 2012

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In For A Good Time Call…, Lauren Miller stars as Lauren Powell – one half the odd-couple roommates who venture out into the phone sex trade.  Miller is the ‘Jack Lemmon’ of the duo: stuck-up, orderly, controlled – in stark …

Sundance 2012: FOR A GOOD TIME, CALL… Review

     January 25, 2012

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Eventually, society will accept that people saying dirty words won’t be the downfall of Western civilization.  Over the past few decades, words that weren’t permissible on television have become commonplace.  I believe within ten years, “fuck” will be used as …