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SALT Blu-ray Review

     January 20, 2011

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“Who is Salt?” The ads for Salt both asked and answered. Salt was obviously the title character of the film Salt, here played by Angelina Jolie, but I guess on an existential level who she is, is still up for …


     December 16, 2009

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Ang Lee is an interesting filmmaker. He’s just one of those guys who tend to get fascinated by the right things, and even when he misses, there’s usually something there. And he’s definitely one of the most interesting voices of …


     September 23, 2009

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There are certain moments that essentially cause such a disconnect, you can longer walk with whatever the film you are watching. Be it a totally disingenuous moment of proclaimed love or hate that has no hidden agendas, there are just …

DEFIANCE Blu-ray Review

     May 28, 2009

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“Defiance” is the new powerful true story brought to life by the usually very capable filmmaker Edward Zwick (who brought us films like “Glory,” “The Last Samurai,” and “Blood Diamond”).  The real-life story is amazing; the film is unfortunately just …