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Matt Live-Blogs the 86th Academy Awards

     March 2, 2014

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This year, our awards coverage was more extensive than ever, and Adam, our Oscar expert, laid his predictions out over three articles.  However, the humble task of sitting through the ceremony and poking fun at it for over three hours …

Matt Live-Blogs the 85th Academy Awards

     February 24, 2013

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You’ve read our predictions, you’ve read all of our Oscar coverage, and tonight the winners of the 85th Academy Awards will be announced.  As I’ve done in past years, I will be live-blogging the ceremony and some of the red …

Matt Live-Blogs the 84th Academy Awards

     February 26, 2012

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We’re here at last.  The seemingly endless award season has reached its zenith/nadir.  I have never been less enthusiastic for the Oscars.  And I used to love the Oscars.  I loved the competition, I loved seeing the films and actors …

Matt Live-Blogs the 2012 Golden Globe Awards

     January 15, 2012

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The Golden Globes are a bit of a silly ceremony and that’s part of what makes them so fun.  They used to have a modicum of influence over the Oscar nominations, but then deadlines were changed and now it’s just …

Matt Live-Blogs the 2011 Golden Globe Awards

     January 16, 2011

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Tonight I’ll be live-blogging the 2011 Golden Globe Awards.  The Golden Globes continue to receive attention because they used to be seen as a reliable indicator of what films would be receiving Orscar love.  However, due to shifting deadlines, Oscar …