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MAD MEN Mid-Season Finale Recap: “Waterloo”

     May 25, 2014

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It’s not every episode of Mad Men that offers up a musical number, but when it does, you can be assured it’s to undercut the pleasantries and positive future that Don seemed suddenly destined for after this season.  There were few scenes …

MAD MEN Recap: “The Strategy”

     May 18, 2014

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Mad Men is a tough show for me because at most I’ve respected it but never really enjoyed it.  Honestly, I would have bailed if we weren’t so close to the end, but I must say that this season has …

MAD MEN Recap: “The Runaways”

     May 11, 2014

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The counterculture is in full swing, can ya dig?  If you come away with nothing else from this hour of Mad Men, “The Runaways” at least was very clear that things are crazy, man, and the times they are a-changing …