TOWER HEIST Blu-ray Review

     February 20, 2012

“Men on a mission” films and the heist genre (arguably the same thing) in general are virtually impossible to screw up. Even Brett Ratner, a director that (perhaps unfairly) gets beaten up regularly for the insensitive things he says in …

Roland Emmerich’s GODZILLA Blu-ray Review

     November 21, 2009

Recently, I reviewed Waterworld. Now I’m talking about 1998’s disaster opus Godzilla. These are two of the biggest flops of the 1990’s. Overhyped and overproduced, and expensive as all get out, perhaps they’re hitting Blu-ray in the hopes of eeking …

AIR FORCE ONE and GLORY Blu-ray Reviews

     August 7, 2009

The catalog flood of titles to Blu-ray is one of the best and worst things about getting the new toy that is Blu-ray. The good news is that a lot of great titles are coming out looking better than ever. …