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     March 11, 2012

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Small Apartments deserves credit for getting inside your head through force of strangeness alone, and it has enough going on to merit at least some kind of interpretation.  You can argue with yourself to no end about whether or not …


     May 13, 2011

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The takeaway from Bridesmaids shouldn’t be “Look!  Women can be raunchy too!  Equality!”  If Bridesmaids simply featured a bunch of women engaging in gross-out humor, it would be a tiresome, soulless exercise just as gross-out humor between guys is a …

International Trailer for BRIDESMAIDS

     April 19, 2011

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Anyone who enjoys watching girls behaving badly (no, not in that way) has a reason to rejoice on this fine afternoon because Universal has seen fit to release an international trailer for the upcoming Kristen Wiig romp Bridesmaids. Not much …

New Trailer for BRIDESMAIDS Starring Kristen Wiig

     March 15, 2011

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I’m so happy that buzz I’m hearing on Paul Feig’s Bridesmaids out of SXSW is positive otherwise this trailer would have me mildly concerned about the film.  Judging the film based solely on the new trailer, the humor mostly seems …

Matt Lucas and Director Jonas Åkerlund Rent SMALL APARTMENTS

     January 27, 2011

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Matt Lucas (Alice in Wonderland) will team-up with director Jonas Åkerlund (Horsemen) for the comedy Small Apartments.  Based on the book by Chris Millis, Small Apartments follows protagonist Franklin Franklin along a strange journey that apparently includes “fingernail collections” and …

First Trailer and Image for GNOMEO AND JULIET

     September 21, 2010

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Touchstone Pictures has released the first trailer for their upcoming animated film, Gnomeo and Juliet.  As you’ve probably already guessed, the film is a retelling of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet… only with gnomes.  The film will feature music by …

Matt Lucas Cast in Director Paul Feig’s BRIDESMAIDS

     June 18, 2010

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Matt Lucas is trading in his suspenders and horizontal stripes for something a little more formal.  According to THR, Lucas (who recently played both “Tweedledee” and Tweedledum” in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland) has agreed to join Universal’s Judd Apatow-produced …