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Tim Burton May Reunite with Screenwriter John August

     June 10, 2010

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Tim Burton may re-team with screenwriter John August for Monsterpocalypse.  The movie is based on a strategy board game involving miniatures.  Heat Vision reports that DreamWorks is currently in negotiations with August to take the gig, but Burton isn’t officially …

Tim Burton to Direct MAI THE PSYCHIC GIRL?

     May 17, 2010

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Not busy enough with five other projects, Tim Burton is rumored to be developing an adaptation of the Japanese manga, Mai The Psychic Girl, which he hopes to direct.  Burton was once attached to direct an adaptation of Mai in …

Tim Burton and DreamWorks to Call Forth the MONSTERPOCALYPSE?

     May 12, 2010

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Director Tim Burton and DreamWorks may be teaming up to produce an adaptation of the board game Monsterpocalypse.  Deadline reports that DreamWorks has acquired the screen rights to the kaiju-themed (Says Wikipedia: Kaiju is Japanese for “giant monster”, i.e. Godzilla) …