NEW YEAR’S EVE Blu-ray Review

     July 25, 2012

Emboldened by the success of Valentine’s Day, Garry Marshall took another crack at the holiday-based all-star anthology in 2011, with similarly repulsive results. This time, though, movie-goers commendably ignored him (and hopefully quashed plans for Columbus Day or whatever the …

PSA New Years Eve: Champagne Cork of Death

     December 31, 2011

“You’ll shoot your eye out!” is a phrase normally reserved for Ralphie (Peter Billingsley) and his Red Ryder BB gun from A Christmas Story, however, we’re repurposing it for your New Year’s celebration. Let’s face it, normal concerns regarding New …

12 Clips from NEW YEAR’S EVE

     December 5, 2011

We’ve been provided with 12 clips from Garry Marshall’s upcoming romantic comedy New Year’s Eve to share with our readers. The film features a ginormous ensemble and tells a number of intertwining stories that all take place on New Year’s …