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SUPER 8 Blu-ray Review

     November 30, 2011

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JJ Abrams—the mastermind of such mint television shows as LOST, Alias, and sci-fi geek favorite Fringe—has earned the bulk of his following through work on television, but over the past half-decade, the dude’s also been involved with some pretty mint …

New TV Spot for SUPER 8

     May 12, 2011

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While I’m not crazy about posting TV spots (if you watch TV, you’re gonna see them and see them often), footage for J.J. Abrams’ Super 8 has been so scarce that I figure this one is worth sharing.  What’s new …

J.J. Abrams Rounds Out the Main Cast of SUPER 8

     September 20, 2010

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I was thrilled with J.J. Abrams’ casting of the superlative Kyle Chandler (alongside Elle Fanning) in the Steven Spielberg-produced Super 8.  Neither Chandler nor Fanning is what you might call a household name, but it turns out they’ll be the …