February 4, 2011

James Cameron keeps trying to make the case for 3D but perhaps he should work harder in making the case for quality stories.  As a producer on Alister Grierson’s new 3D film Sanctum, Cameron is essentially putting his name on …

Richard Roxburgh and Rhys Wakefield Interview SANCTUM

     February 1, 2011

Australian actors Richard Roxburgh & Rhys Wakefield star in Sanctum, James Cameron’s new 3D epic underwater adventure directed by Alister Grierson. Roxburgh plays tough-as-nails master diver Frank McGuire whose dive team, including his 17-year-old son Josh (Wakefield), is exploring the …

5 Movie Clips from SANCTUM 3D

     January 30, 2011

2011 sees its first big filmed-in-3D release this Friday with Sanctum. Today Universal sent over 5 clips to give you a taste of the claustrophobic action. Produced by James Cameron and filmed on the same PACE system he used for …