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THE BOX Blu-ray Review

     March 17, 2010

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Richard Kelly made a great name for himself with Donnie Darko, but his follow up films show a great visual talent, and someone who gets easily lost in his own ideas. The Box is no exception, though it’s tighter and …

Collider Giveaway: THE BOX

     October 30, 2009

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Opening on November 6th is writer/director Richard Kelly’s “The Box”. The movie is set around a deceptively simple moral dilemma.  An average couple is offered an opportunity to get themselves out of financial difficulty: a million dollars, in exchange for …

Trailer for Richard Kelly’s THE BOX

     June 24, 2009

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Writer/Director Richard Kelly (“Donnie Darko”, “Southland Tales”) has an interesting premise with his upcoming film, “The Box”: You receive a box with a button.  Press the button and you receive one million dollars but someone you don’t know somewhere in …