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SAW 3D Red Band Clip

     October 22, 2010

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A red band clip from the upcoming Saw 3D is now available for your viewing pleasure (or, depending on how you feel about watching humans be more or less eviscerated, viewing displeasure).  While I’ll admit to having lost interest in …

New Posters for SAW 3D and Disney’s TANGLED

     September 30, 2010

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We have a couple of new posters for you this afternoon.  First up is the final poster for the “final” Saw film, Saw 3D.  Starring series mainstay Tobin Bell and featuring the return of original Saw alum Cary Elwes, the …

New Teaser Trailer for SAW 3D

     September 9, 2010

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Not entirely sure what to make of this new teaser trailer for Saw 3D, but it knows what to make of me: mincemeat.  The audience plays a major role in the new clip, first indirectly as a crowd gathers around …

All of Our Comic-Con Coverage Thursday-Saturday

     July 25, 2010

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In case you find it useful, here are links to the Collider take on anything and everything that went down at Comic-Con on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Here’s Thursday’s coverage…hit the jump for Friday and Saturday: THURSDAY MEGAMIND Panel Featuring …