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Sundance 2013: MILKSHAKE Review

     January 20, 2013

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The 1990s saw a significant shift in pop culture from the hair bands of the late 1980s to grunge and, more noticeably, the emergence of rap and hip-hop culture.  Personalities like Tupac, Notorious B.I.G., and Spike Lee made an enormous …

3 Clips from Wes Craven’s MY SOUL TO TAKE

     October 5, 2010

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We have three clips from Wes Craven’s first 3D film, My Soul to Take.  The story centers on a serial killer who swore to kill seven children who were born on the day he died.  Sixteen years have passed and …

Wes Craven’s 25/8 Becomes MY SOUL TO TAKE

     October 19, 2009

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It took a while, but Wes Craven eventually realized that an extra hour added to each day doesn’t mathematically warrant an eighth day of the week, and has therefore opted to change the title of his latest film from “25/8” …