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SLEEPY HOLLOW Recap: “For The Triumph Of Evil”

     September 30, 2013

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Another week in the always weird and occasionally wonderful Sleepy Hollow, where nothing makes sense but the people are pretty so let’s just go with it.  “For the Triumph of Evil” set the show up as a weekly monster procedural, …

SLEEPY HOLLOW Recap: “Blood Moon”

     September 23, 2013

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Everyone’s new favorite insane, yet surprisingly entertaining series Sleepy Hollow returned this week without taking even a moment to crank down the crazy.  And yet, why should it?  It’s what the show does best.  So far though, unlike the batshit-but-really-just-shit …

SLEEPY HOLLOW Premiere Recap: “Pilot”

     September 16, 2013

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If anyone is rolling in their grave because of Sleepy Hollow, it’s more likely Washington Irving than any headless horseman.  Surprisingly though, Sleepy Hollow‘s pilot was not a bad a way to kick things off for a supernatural show that also integrates (potentially) a …