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Seven Features Still in Running for VFX Oscar Race

     January 6, 2010

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Are there really six other movies this year that can compete with the visuals of Avatar, which is clearly on a mission for world domination? According to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, apparently so.  The Academy has …

2009: A Look Back

     December 30, 2009

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2009 was another big year for movies thanks to, in varying degrees, the recession, 3D ticket prices and Taylor Lautner’s abs. For funsies we have compiled a fairly trivial movie calendar for the year that was. Here you will find …

Hollywood Tops $10 Billion for First Time in 2009

     December 23, 2009

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With Avatar the reigning champ and Sherlock Holmes still to come, Hollywood crossed the $10 billion line for the first time in U.S. and Canadian ticket sales for 2009.  Through Sunday, the total stood just $36 million short of crossing …


     December 7, 2009

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With Terminator: Salvation, two things are apparent: McG shouldn’t be underrated, and franchise filmmaking robs franchise films of anything challenging. TS is the fourth entry in the Terminator canon, and it is the first of the franchise to be set …

Who Wants to Buy the TERMINATOR Franchise?

     November 2, 2009

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After seeing “Terminator Salvation” and its disappointing gross of $125 million (according to Box Office Mojo, it cost $200 million to make), I made a prediction that the series would see a re-boot before it saw another sequel.  Since “Terminator” …

TERMINATOR Owners Delay Judgment Day For Their Company

     September 11, 2009

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The producing duo behind “Terminator Salvation” aren’t in the best financial situation. In August, Derek Anderson and Victor Kubicek filed for Chapter 11. Now, a U.S. Bankruptcy judge has freed up some money that will allow the duo’s company, Halcyon …