THE BEAVER Blu-ray Review

     September 1, 2011

Depression is a tricky subject for cinema, in that it takes the audience to dark places and is often not commercial. So – on the surface – the approach of Jodie Foster’s The Beaver is somewhat smart. When the main …


     May 6, 2011

Depression is a difficult condition to explore in modern American cinema because no one wants to be around depressed people.  We can see characters be sad, but only if they were happy before and will rally and be happy again …

New Posters for DOROTHY OF OZ and THE BEAVER

     March 23, 2011

New posters have gone online for the animated film Dorothy of Oz and Jodie Foster’s The Beaver.  The poster for Dorothy of Oz can be considered a long-lead teaser that lets audiences know who is voicing the film.  However, the …