THE COVE Blu-ray Review

     April 18, 2011

If someone told you that The Cove was a really, really good– but really, really depressing– documentary about dolphins being slaughtered in Japan, you probably wouldn’t leap at the chance to see it (sic transit gloria, and all that).  But …


     January 16, 2010

A documentary about the inhumane treatment of dolphins near Taiji, Japan, The Cove combines an exciting and illegal mission with an activist’s desire to expose an issue. The film juxtaposes a group of activists’ scheme to document the goings-on of …

Peter Debruge’s Top 10 of 2009

     December 30, 2009

A rough year, you say? Maybe for your 401(k). Hollywood raked it in, enjoying record box office numbers, while the indie and foreign lineup (though spread between fewer companies perhaps) yielded an unprecedented number of treasures. To be honest, I …