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RASHOMON Criterion Blu-ray Review

     December 12, 2012

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Invoke the phrase “greatest movie of all time,” and you’d better bring your A-game. Film fans don’t take their “bests” lightly; while fleeting passions may prompt easy praise (Avatar anyone?), smart folks know that real quality stands the test of …

NAKED Criterion Blu-ray Review

     July 27, 2011

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They come sporadically, but are instantly identifiable: Marlon Brando in On the Waterfront, Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver, Samuel L. Jackson in Jungle Fever. Roles that launch actors into the upper echelons of master thespians, roles that reward the …

SOMETHING WILD Criterion Blu-ray Review

     May 27, 2011

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Jonathan Demme was one of the brightest spots of filmmaking in the 1980’s. Like early Spielberg, his sensibilities for Americana were funky but authentic. He liked weird people, but not in an ironic or grotesque way. He loves people, and …

The Criterion Collection Now Available on Hulu Plus

     February 15, 2011

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Among film aficionados, the Criterion Collection can be a bittersweet product line: their releases represent the finest selection of international cinema of both yesteryear and today and boast immaculate transfers and packaging to boot, but our wallets are often too …

VIDEODROME Criterion Collection Blu-ray Review

     December 15, 2010

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In 1983 David Cronenberg’s strange, lyrical, and indelible Videodrome was released, and over 20 years later the question remains “What is Videodrome?” Following up the four films that cemented his reputation as the master of venereal horror (from 1975’s Shivers …