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THE KNICK Season One Finale Recap: “Crutchfield”

     October 18, 2014


The Knick‘s excellent first season ended in a way befitting the series as a whole.  There wasn’t much about “Crutchfield” that was narratively shocking, but The Knick‘s story has never been about that — it’s the way the show tells its story that …

THE KNICK Recap: “The Golden Lotus”

     October 11, 2014


In the last few episodes of its first season, The Knick has focused almost exclusively on Dr. Thackery’s cocaine addiction and withdrawal, no thanks to that pesky war in the Philippines. (Don’t they know the junkies are in need?)  “The …

THE KNICK Recap: “Working Late a Lot”

     October 4, 2014


It’s been interesting in most of The Knick‘s run how Dr. Thackery, the star of the series (though not the lynchpin — that would be its style), has often played second fiddle, or at least, enjoyed no higher position of prominence …

THE KNICK Recap: “Get The Rope”

     September 26, 2014


In the last episode of The Knick, some of its narrative strands started coming together, bringing its characters together in ways they hadn’t bumped up against one another before (sometimes quite literally).  “Get the Rope” took that even further, tying up …

THE KNICK: “Where’s The Dignity?”

     September 5, 2014

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At some point I’m going to stop pointing out that what makes The Knick such an engrossing watch is Steven Soderbergh‘s direction, but we’re not at that point yet.  Consider everything that Soderbergh’s unique filmic sensibilities do to make The Knick different from other period or …

THE KNICK Recap: “The Busy Flea”

     August 22, 2014

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In “The Busy Flea,” The Knick continued its hypnotic look at the early days of surgical practice, weaving together personal stories with history.  One of the show’s biggest achievements (aside from its gorgeous and distinctive look — more on that …

THE KNICK Recap: “Mr. Paris Shoes”

     August 15, 2014

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Nothing exemplified The Knick‘s tangled web more than the scene early in the hour that showed each of the main characters arriving at the hospital.  In Steven Soderbergh‘s long tracking shot, the timing and fluidity were perfect, like the methods by which …