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THE LAST SONG Blu-ray Review

     October 5, 2010

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More often than not movies are used as recreational escapism. And rightfully so. There’s nothing wrong with zoning out in a chilled movie theater for ninety minutes or so. These recreational movies generally hit generic action, comedic and emotional beats. …

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Interview THE LAST SONG

     March 16, 2010

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At the age of 17, Miley Cyrus is a multi-platinum recording artist, the star of her own successful television series, a best-selling author, a clothing designer, philanthropist and now dramatic film actress. In The Last Song, the latest book-turned-film from …

Nicholas Sparks Interview DEAR JOHN

     January 31, 2010

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International best-selling author Nicholas Sparks sat down with us recently to talk about Dear John, the latest film to be adapted from one of his novels. Directed by Oscar nominee Lasse Hallström, Dear John tells the story of John Tyree …