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THE MISSING Finale Recap: “Til Death”

     January 10, 2015

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When The Missing‘s finale aired in the U.K. a few weeks ago, there was an uproar over the ending.  Was it clear?  Was it ambiguous?  As I said last week, The Missing‘s true ending was in “Return to Eden.”  That is where …

THE MISSING Recap: “Return to Eden”

     January 3, 2015


The Missing‘s penultimate episode, “Return to Eden,” laid the groundwork beautifully for its finale, but also took time to visually reconsider all that has come before.  In the cold open, another child is abducted, close to where Oliver had been.  …

THE MISSING Recap: “Concrete”

     December 20, 2014


With every new episode, The Missing proves itself to be an atypical crime series.  “Concrete” showed the grey areas in murkier ways than the show has ever dared before, with not just Tony but Julien being brought into a questionable light.  But Julien asks …

THE MISSING Recap: “Molly”

     December 13, 2014


In its fifth episode, The Missing revealed so many things that it felt like the investigation was really getting somewhere.  And yet, by the end of the hour, there’s a cold realization that (for the most part), further knowledge of Oliver’s disappearance …

THE MISSING Recap: “Gone Fishing”

     December 6, 2014


One aspect of The Missing that I haven’t yet mentioned is that it is yet another entry to the “one director” trend on TV that has yielded exceptional results.  Others have included True Detective (Cary Fukunaga) and The Knick (Stephen Soderbergh); like True Detective, The Missing also features the …