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     July 17, 2014

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2013’s The Purge had a mish-mash of good ideas.  It was important socioeconomic commentary, but smothered by the confusion of its genre trappings.  The overt commentary was out of sync with the stakes of the story’s moral drama, and the …

No Heroes Allowed in New THE PURGE: ANARCHY Trailer

     June 23, 2014

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Universal Pictures has released a new The Purge: Anarchy trailer for writer/director James DeMonaco’s horror sequel.  This trailer gets a bit deeper into the plot of the follow-up, as it appears to put a Most Dangerous Game twist on the proceedings …

Matt Doesn’t Survive THE PURGE: BREAKOUT Experience

     May 30, 2014

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Last year’s The Purge was a breakout hit.  Audiences enjoyed the tense atmosphere of a family under siege, and the violence that exploded when the situation came to a head.  This year’s sequel, The Purge: Anarchy takes the story to …