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     January 9, 2015


First Rule of Time Travel: Don’t Do It.  Every time travel movie is accurate in that no good can come of it.  You’re more than likely to create a paradox where you’ll interfere with your own past/future.  The “confrontation” trope …

Ethan Hawke to Star in PREDESTINATION for The Spierig Brothers

     May 14, 2012

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Ethan Hawke is set to reteam with his Daybreakers directors The Spierig Brothers, time-travel actioner Predestination. Based on the 1959 Robert Heinlein short story “All You Zombies,” this one concerns a covert temporal manipulation agency that’s tasked with jumping into …

Ethan Hawke Interview DAYBREAKERS

     January 7, 2010

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Opening tomorrow is The Spierig Brothers new film Daybreakers.  The film stars Ethan Hawke as a brilliant vampire hematologist (blood expert) and he lives in a world where most humans have been turned into vampires due to a plague. Unfortunately, …