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Sundance 2012: THE SURROGATE Review

     January 26, 2012

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In the movies, pretty adults are supposed to have sex.  The male lead and the female lead need to be our idealized selves in an ideal relationship and they need to have attractive people sex.  But in the real world, …

Helen Hunt Joins John Hawkes in THE SURROGATE

     April 27, 2011

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Academy Award Winner Helen Hunt has joined the cast of the indie drama The Surrogate. Recent Oscar nominee John Hawkes is set to play the role of Mark O’Brien in the film based on a true story. O’Brien was “a …

Halle Berry Could Use a SURROGATE

     June 1, 2009

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Anyone wondering when Halle Berry might get a resurgence since winning an Oscar eight years ago?  Does anyone even want to her have a resurgence?  I mean, she really only had that one good performance and since then she’s been …