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U.S. Trailer for Hayao Miyazaki’s THE WIND RISES

     November 18, 2013

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The U.S. trailer for filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki’s new—and possibly final—Studio Ghibli film The Wind Rises has been released online.  The movie centers on Jiro Horikoshi, the man who designed the Zero Fighter used by Japanese pilots in World War II, and examines …


     September 11, 2013

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Director Hayao Miyazaki has taken audiences to magical, alluring worlds throughout his filmography.  He’s shown us witches, sorcerers, buses that are also cats, and so much more.  His latest (and, if he’s truly retiring, final) film, The Wind Rises, leaves …

Hayao Miyazaki to Retire from Filmmaking

     September 1, 2013

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Japanese filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki is retiring.  Studio Ghibli president Hoshino Koji announced earlier today at the Venice Film Festival that the 72-year-old filmmaker and master of animation is retiring, but further questions about the decision were not answered.  Miyazaki first …