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New Scribe Assembled for SHORT CIRCUIT Reboot

     February 2, 2012

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In 1986, Number Johnny 5 rolled onto screens and struck a chord with audiences. In 1988, the sentient robot appeared on screen once more in the family-friendly sequel. It’s been over twenty years since a Short Circuit feature has graced …


     August 5, 2011

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At some point in his career, Tim Hill may win an Oscar and/or be considered one of the masters of the craft.  But when people inspect Hill’s back catalogue, one title will stand out from the others: Walter the Farting …

Director Tim Hill Interview HOP

     March 29, 2011

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The family comedy Hop, from the makers of Despicable Me, blends CG animation with live-action, to tell the story of E.B. (voiced by Russell Brand), the teenage son of the Easter Bunny (voiced by Hugh Laurie). Hidden on Easter Island, …

7 Clips from Universal’s HOP

     March 19, 2011

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Universal Pictures has released seven clips from director Tim Hill’s (Alvin and the Chipmunks) CG/live-action family film, Hop.  The film, which comes from Illumination Entertainment (the same company that made Despicable Me), stars James Marsden (Enchanted) as a slacker who …

New Trailer and Images for HOP

     February 9, 2011

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Universal has released a full-length trailer for their upcoming live-action/CGI family comedy Hop.  The film features Russell Brand as the voice of the Easter Bunny scion who doesn’t want the gig of delivering candy to people.  Also, he shits jelly …

James Marsden Joins Russell Brand on the Way to I HOP

     January 24, 2010

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, James Marsden has signed on to co-star with Russell Brand in Illumination and Universal Entertainment’s live action/CGI hybrid I Hop. The film is about a slacker played by Marsden who somehow injures Brand’s Easter Bunny …