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A SINGLE MAN Blu-ray Review

     July 26, 2010

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A Single Man’s director Tom Ford has a name cineaste may only know from an outset, and geeks are more than likely to draw a blank on. But Ford is best known for his work in fashion design, having successful …


     December 11, 2009

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A Single Man is unmistakably an art house film but in the best sense of the term.  It’s intimate, outside the mainstream, relies more on cinematography, music, and editing rather than dialogue to tell the story, and highlights actors, or …

Director Tom Ford Interview A SINGLE MAN

     December 7, 2009

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While many people have heard of Tom Ford as he is a major designer in the world of clothing, he can now add something to his already impressive resume: filmmaker. That’s because opening this Friday, in limited release, is his …

A SINGLE MAN Review – Tokyo International Film Festival

     October 23, 2009

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“A Single Man,” fashion designer Tom Ford’s striking debut, has been slowly gathering buzz as it travels the film festival circuit. At the Venice International Film Festival, the movie which stars Colin Firth, was nominated for the Golden Lion and …